Lovely Weekend

April 8, 2017

What a lovely turn out for the first warm weekend this year. A returning couple were there to move in to their new chalet 'Appy Daze R 'ere Agin'. It was lovely to have them back as returning chalet owners.


Friday evening saw a beautiful sunset. I love the sunsets we have here, whoever built the Pavillion placed it in the perfect spot so you an enjoy the sunset whilst relaxing with friends on the benches outside.


We were surprised to see the pretty bluebells out so early this year. Let's hope that this means we are going to have a long warm summer.


It was so warm Pete could bring out his new invention to give us all a laugh; a solar powered face cooler! A few of us ladies of a certain age will be putting orders for one now we have seen the prototype I am sure.


Lin had been cleaning out her and Peter's chalet and found some of Peter's long forgotten ladies outfits. For a laugh these were given to Tracey to wear to see if Peter noticed... We are not sure if Peter was aware of this but Tracey was trying her hardest to get him to notice, personally I think he did but decided that Tracey looked beautiful in them and had come to the decision that Tracey could have them.


Saturday morning brought more people to Invicta wearing funny tshirts again. This seems to be a theme for 2017 so Steve may set up a page for these to go on and at the end of the year a prize will be given to the best t-shirt of the year.


Richard brought out his new remote control beer cooler, maybe this will give Peter ideas for a new invention.


Also on Saturday morning we had three awning errections taking place. Lots of fun was had deciding what pole went where.


Saturday evening we were at a gig but apparently there was a mix up with lemon and limes (please see Tracey for full story, it is hilarious). We heard it was a lovely evening.


Sunday was glorious, the first really warm day. It was lovely to see so many people here enjoying the sun. Three people even used the pool! It was 61-f so Vance, Peter and Clyde decided to go for a swim, crazy people. The boules court was well used with twelve of us playing. The court had to be split in two to allow four teams to play.


It has been noted that lots of us have been making some gorgeous jar lights to put on tables. Ron's multicoloured one is particularly beautiful.


A club member brought his beautiful black 1946 MG to the club, Steve has fallen in love with it and is insisting that it is 'his' car and the actual owner is just 'looking after it' for him.


The only thing that marred the weekend was when Ron fell over and cut his finger on his new glass Friday evening. He was patched up there and then but was seen at the hospital the following morning. We hope he heals quickly and rumour has it that his snooker playing has improved greatly so it wasn't a total disaster. Get well soon Ron




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