Perfect Pizza Weekend (Nearly!)

May 5, 2017

This Friday evening the pizza oven was lit for the first time this season. David was happy to give us a short cookery lesson as he prepared three different types of cherry tomatoes 'master chef' style for his sauce. Tracey also prepared some pizzas and Richard cooked them. The first one came out a little strange looking but we were assured by Elaine that it tasted wonderful. Richard quipped that 'The first one always looks that way, the second a little better but the third always comes out perfect." The second one indeed came out looking beautiful and we are sure it tasted as good as it looked. We were all waiting to see what the third 'perfect' (according to Richard) pizza would come out like... errrrrm... not sure what to say but see photograph to see the result. 


Martin and Sally have at last completed their chalet and we were invited to have a look at Martin's chess set in there. At first glance it seemed like a lovely normal chess set but on closer examination it was a little 'different'. Martin told us it makes for an interesting game. Please see photograph but be aware of 'adult' content.


It was lovely to see the new pool cover has been installed and we also have a new life ring.


Saturday evening a practice game of ten reds was suggested by Neil ahead of next week's scheduled ten reds game. After a good game the result was Brandon and Richard joint winners so a tie breaker game decided the final winner. Richard, as the current tenants reds champion was gutted to have to hand over the winning trophy to Brandon. Who will win next week's game?


After the ten reds game Sue made a couple of announcements about things to celebrate. Martin and Sally's chalet being finished, Arsenal finishing above Tottenham so Richard now owes Tony £10 and last but certainly not least it will be Sue's 60th Birthday on Monday. To celebrate with us champagne and a gorgeous cheese board was brought out to share by the Birthday girl herself. Many happy returns Sue, we all hope you have a wonderful Birthday.




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