Karl & Hazel's Anniversary Weekend

June 17, 2017

What an absolutely beautiful Weekend!  The sun was hot, the pool the perfect temperature to cool you down without feeling cold. We didn't want to leave and landed up staying right up until Tuesday morning which is why this blog is a little late going up this week.


On Saturday Karl and Hazel were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and these two worked hard and produced the most wonderful spread of Pimms and canapés pre BBQ. The food was delicious and Steve was even tempted and tried chicken liver! This lovely, thoughtful couple made a gluten free plate for Dee and delivered it to her personally as she is unable to walk far at the moment. There were so many different types of canapés I didn't manage to try them all but what I did put on my plate was lovely. Thank you so much for doing this and allowing us to be part of your celebration.  After hearing the story of how they met with Karl falling at Hazel's feet all of those years ago how could they not end up getting married, raising a family and spending 40+ years together? We wish you many more years of happiness in the future (and no doubt Karl will fall at Hazel's feet many more times, although some of them may be due to alcohol as well as Hazel's charms). 


Steve put on his 'Sounds Familiar' quiz after everyone had eaten which we enjoyed a lot. There were 6 teams in all and every team did very well with the winning team looking very shocked at the announcement that they had won because they didn't think they knew many of the answers. 'The Wanderers' scored 52, Team 'Tip Toes' scored a total of 74, 'The Digitalis' scored 79. In 3rd place was 'Ruby, Ruby' with a score of 85, in 2nd place 'The Animals' with a score of 92 and finally in 1st place, with 1 point in it and a score of 93 was team 'INOV The Red (AKA - Naturists don't watch much TV). Well done everyone!


After the quiz Richard and Tracey provided a chocolate fountain with marshmallows,  Battenburg cake and Strawberries to continue Karl and Hazel's anniversary celebrations. I think as much chocolate landed up on Karl's T-shirt as was eaten by us all though!


It was so hot after the chocolate fountain many of us decided to go for a midnight swim (well it was more like a 10.30pm swim but midnight swim just sounds better). The water was still like warm and it was nice to cool off a bit.

On Sunday it was so very hot and we didn't do much, however, the ping pong table was well used again. Norma, Brandon, David, Steve, Lin and Tracey played some great games despite the heat. We are really looking forward to the table tennis tournament's that are being hosted by David and Sallie. For the first time David and Sallie are organising a doubles tournament which will be hilarious, please see them for more information. We must thank David and Sallie for organising it because it is always a popular event.


On Sunday Lilly's defibrillator training was very informative and I think we all feel much more confident in using it should the need arise. Flipper had unfortunately injured her foot Saturday evening and decided that it was best to ask one of our first aiders to check it just before the defibrillator training started. Flipper received first aid and the rest of us were able to gain useful information on how to use the cool packs used in during her treatment should the need arise in the future.


On Monday Karl and Steve had a practice for the planned Blues Brother gig that they are holding at the club on the 8th July. They enjoyed themselves so much they didn't realise the time and were shocked when told they had been playing for 2 and a half hours as to them it only seemed like half an hour! Many apologies if they disturbed anyone. Don't forget to grab your 'Blues Brother' hat's  and glasses for this event, it promises to be a good one.


Monday evening a small impromptu gathering happened at Steve and Nicky's. It was lovely spending time with friends and learning more about them.


Special thanks to 'The Ice-Man' (AKA David) for keeping everyone well supplied with ice this weekend, we are very grateful to him.





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