Pool Tournament Weekend

July 15, 2017

As you may know we have not been able to update the blog for the past few weeks, thank you for your understanding and patience. Many of you know the circumstances around our absence and we would like to say thank you for your kind offers of support and help at this time. We are now able to spend a bit of time at our lovely club that we have missed so much and are able to continue the blog.


We would like to thank Ricky for stepping in when the planned Blues Brother evening had to be cancelled by putting on an impromptu disco, thank you Ricky for stepping in on your Birthday (happy belated Birthday).


When we arrived on Saturday the pool competition was in full swing, you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. The concentration on the competitor's faces was apparent. The final was between Eddie and Richard, Eddie being the clear favourite and in true Invicta style whilst Eddie was being cheered Richard was being booed! Steve always likens Richard to the villainous character Wolf in the Gladiators show that everyone liked to boo. Eddie put up an impressive fight and it was very close until unfortunately Eddie potted the white ball giving Richard the chance to win the trophy to a resounding boo from the spectators. Everyone enjoyed the event, many thanks to Brandon for putting on the competition.


Sally is in the process of revamping the boule score boards and court. It is looking great, thank you Sally. You can see before and after pictures of the score board at the end of the blog.


In the evening Jack made everyone some delicious (very alcoholic) Rum Pineapple fritters. Tracey and David whisked up some cream to have with them   with the usual funny comments about their wrist action etc. Hopefully I will be able to get the recipe from Jack for our recipe page on our members section here and you can try cooking them for yourself, I can recommend them. Thank you Jack, we really enjoyed them although we didn't dare breath near a naked flame after eating them.


After the fritters a few hilarious games of ping pong were played, the funniest being the doubles game between Steve and Tracey versus Richard and John. Steve and Tracey beat Richard and John with an impressive score of 21 to their 6. As you can imagine the banter was all in good humour with most of us crying with laughter.


Members don't forget to look at the funny t-shirt page in the members only section for more contestants in our funny t-shirts competition. Whilst on the members only section take a look around at the pages for some lovely photographic images given in to us by various club members. Also don't forget  if you have a recipe you would like to send in please contribute by email or by giving it to either Steve or Nicky.




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