Pizza & Sci Fi Movie Weekend

May 12, 2018

The new floor in the Pavillion was finished a couple of weeks ago and I feel it has given the Pavillion a fresh modern look. Thank you Clyde and Bonnie for organising it all for us all.


The Pizza oven was lit last weekend too and the pizzas were a success. Perfectly cooked and delicious for everyone who brought their dough and toppings. Thank you Richard for lighting it for everyone to use.


Richard won ten reds with Clyde coming second last weekend, Richard played very well and was very focused. However, this week Brandon completely thrashed Richard at snooker. I am sure Brandon would love to retell the story of how he completely annihilated Richard so please do ask him about it, in front of Richard preferably (we love you really Richard).


The contrast in the weather these past two week has been huge. Last week we were basking in glorious temperatures but this week the heavens decided to open and it was chilly. The low temperatures didn't stop Peter and Clyde being in uniform whilst putting up Paul and Sandy's awning though, thank you everyone that helped them with that. There was lots of other activity around the club with some members helping Brandon and Norma to complete repairs etc to their new cabin. One of the things I love about our club is the way many people pitch in and help out the best they can.


Saturday night was film night. The film was chosen by Martin but unfortunately he had to have surgery and was unable to attend. We decided to go ahead with the chosen film in the spirit of wishing him a speedy recovery. We once again were treated to another viewing of the 2017 bank holiday video Steve created. It was as funny the second viewing as it was the first because more things were noticed the second time round. Thank you Steve for all of your hard work during that weekend and for creating the video for us.




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