New Dartboard Area

May 19, 2018

On Saturday the dartboard was moved to the opposite side of the Pavillion so that any stray darts would fall on the carpeted area and not our lovely new flooring. It makes good use of an area which was not really used and freed up the space where is originally was to put up the posters of what is going on instead of using the window. This gains more light in the Pavillion and saves myself from a near heart attack every time I lean on the window to put them up. Please remember to check these posters often because more events are planned. 

As the dartboard has been moved it was only right that the ladies tried it out by having a game of around the clock. Tracey, Sallie and Madge took up this challenge with great enthusiasm and of course much hilarity. It has been decided that we need to put something below the dartboard to protect the wall because more throws found purchase below the dartboard than actually in the board itself. Despite this it was a great game with new rules being made up seemingly with each throw. It was decided that if you don't get the desired number within three throws you move on to the next number or they would still be there for the New Years Party next year. Of course this means you could actually win without hitting the number required in sixty throws, with our lovely ladies dart throwing skill this is just as well.  It was very entertaining as usual with Tracey being the eventual winner.

It was lovely to see Jessica (Brandon and Norma's grandaughter) this weekend. We were honoured to all be invited singularly into her 'consulting room' for a singing lesson from her. Steve particularly enjoyed his singing lesson and was delighted when Jessca declared (after some time) that Steve "Might just be getting it", we will see if the lessons worked during the coming May bank holiday's performance by Safety First. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes as the set contains many 'new' songs as well as some of the much loved oldies. Hope to see you there.




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