Food Ration Weekend

July 7, 2018

We had yet another gloriously hot weekend in paradise and the pool was well used throughout the weekend for everyone to cool down. 

Talking of the pool it was time to install a new pump as the old one was beyond repair so Pete, along with his eager helper Steve set to it. At first it seemed simple enough but as these jobs usually are it was a little more complicated than simply attaching the old fittings to the new pump. Everything on the new one was the opposite way around to the old one and it took several attempts to get it right. Pete and Steve confident in their work set up the filtration system in the pool and whilst Steve and I kept an eye on what was going on at the pool Pete started up the pump in the pump house. Then suddenly we heard shouting from Pete... (I think it was French...) Steve rushed down to find out what was happening and then I heard fits of laughter from Steve. It wasn't until I heard more colourful language from Steve I thought I had better investigate. I rushed to the pump house and found both Pete and Steve looking like a pair of drowned rats. The old pipes had burst and soaked them both as they struggled to get to the cut off switch. All I could do was laugh at them with water dripping down their faces. Eventually new pipes were brought in by Clyde, installed by Pete and all was well. Thank you Pete and Steve for doing a good job and for the laughs. I think we all agree that the pool is the focal point of the club on weekends that are as hot as it has been for the past few weeks.

Brendon had a high break in snooker of 47, it's a shame Richard was not here to witness this superb break but plenty of people were. Well done Brendon, however it was not so well done when trying to find your way back home to your 'very well lit' chalet Saturday evening managing to 'do a Jim' and injuring yourself on one of the benches. Hope it is feeling much better now Brendon.

On Saturday Martin, Sally and a few helpers decorated the Pavillion with flags and bunting. The tables were covered with table cloths and decorated. A table with rationing information and many leaflets from the ration years was placed at the back of the Pavillion. Anyone taking the trouble to read these could not imagine what it would have been like to live with only rations. Can you imagine living with only the amounts of food we were allowed during those years? When we took a step back to admire our work we were transported back to those times, it looked simply wonderful. Thank you to those that helped decorate, it was very much appreciated.

Saturday evening Martin and Sally hosted The Ration Years evening. We all contributed to a Ration Book American Supper and we certainly didn't go hungry, you did us all proud (although I suspect that many dishes would have used up a weeks worth of rationing in one meal).

After we had eaten we all got into our outfits, there seemed to be a bit of rivalry between the British and American service men but it was all in jest and good sport. Some of the ladies looked lovely in their land girl outfits and the others looked very elegant in their pretty vintage dresses. Dee looked stunning in her ladies Air force outfit, Tony and Martin looked great in their American officers outfits and they totally out-ranked Steve in his Home Guard 'dad's army' style outfit. There were plenty of 'Stupid boy Pike' comments but Steve got his own back when he shouted for Martin to "Put that light out!" When he turned the lights and disco ball on.

Then it was time to dance and what great fun it was too. Martin and Sally had been giving a few lessons over the past few weeks and it was fantastic to see everyone dancing to the sounds of the time. Also on the night they treated us to the chance to learn another dance, 'Hands, Knees and Booms a Daisy', it was such a fun dance to learn and most of us managed to do it without hurting each other. Steve and I were amazed to be crowned Dancing Queens as we are never usually able to dance with each other because it is usually Steve up there doing the music! Thank you Martin and Sally for teaching us how.

It was a great night and everyone enjoyed it, thank you so much Martin and Sally for hosting and for all of hard work putting it all together to make such a successful evening.




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