Movie Night Weekend

May 12, 2019

Saturday's weather during the day was changeable, we had heavy downpours with periods of sun. One of these downpours caused Mark's awning to collect water and begin to sag. Elizabeth tried to move the poles to allow the water to drain off but unfortunately for her but hilariously for us the awning collapsed and the water cascaded down on top of her pushing her over. The water soaked her trousers making her look like she had an 'accident' . This of course made poor Elizabeth the 'butt' of many jokes that had us crying with laughter. During the sunny periods a few of us all helped Elizabeth and Andrew to put the awning back up properly, we even put up some small solar lights to draw attention to the guy ropes to avoid more accidents. Thank you everyone that helped, I love that we all pitch in to help when it is needed. 

Saturday evening was Movie Night, Steve showed his slide show video of things that had happened over last year in the club. It was a perfect way to remember and laugh at events of the previous year. Thank you Steve, we love the videos you produce for us all. 

The slideshow was followed by a short clip of Steve and Nicky's old caravan being banger raced at a banger racing track. It took one hit and flat packed around the car that 'parked' inside it. It was so funny to watch the poor caravan being obliterated in this way. 

The  main movie was chosen by Ron, it was a great choice and we hope everyone enjoyed it. 

I was delighted to hear and see that Blue Tits have begun to nest again in Blue Tit Manor within the entrance gate. This time of year is always a bustle of activity with birds nesting in many places around the club. I personally love waking up in the morning, looking out of the window and seeing a variety of birds eating their breakfast on the feeders outside our caravan (along with the odd cheeky squirrel). I am looking forward forward to seeing the young fledgling feeding when they are ready in a few weeks time.




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