Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

May 25, 2019

The new grill for the BBQ arrived this weekend and it was put to good use, Chefie cooked some gorgeous pork complete with crackling and apple sauce for club members that wanted some. Other members donated potato salad, coleslaw, salad and french loaf. Lin made two delicious trifles, I believe there was also a crumble but sadly I missed it (note to self I must be quicker if I want crumble as well as trifle). It was a wonderful meal provided by Chefie and his helpers, thank you everyone.  The new grill worked beautifully too, although it didn't improve some members cooking and some sausages unfortunately got rather overdone and resembled lumps of charcoal. It wasn't our Chefie but we will call the person 'Burnie' from now on I think.  

As well as the new BBQ grill the new steps arrived and were installed in the pool. We just need the pool to warm up a few more degrees.

The outside Skittles game was hilarious, with accusations of cheating (as if the girls would cheat? We are all as innocent as newborn babies! Honest!) One member threw a couple of skittle balls across the volleyball court in protest but it was all in good natured fun and thoroughly enjoyable. We had over 30 players taking part, the boys had one more player than the girls but we wouldn't let something like that stop us would we girls? We beat the boys with a score of 101 to the boys score of 99.

Anne had recently been to the club during the week to find a Great Tit stuck inside The Pavillion. Thankfully she managed to catch it and release it outside. The poor thing was so exhausted Anne put it on the outside table so it could recover before flying away. Anne managed to capture some photographs before it flew away which have been added to the blog this week. 

Thank you everyone for participating in the Skittles game, it wouldn't have been half as much fun without you all!




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