Jack & Dee's Fun Night Weekend

September 2, 2017

We have been yet again fortunate to have had a lovely weekend at Invicta although we hear that many people had enjoyed the previous week staying at the club all week. We heard about the gorgeous food Dave cooked for everyone, sadly we couldn't be there but it sounds like everyone who was lucky enough to have been there must have put on a pound or two.


Martin and Sally invited everyone to join in the celebration of their chalet at last being completed. There was a competition to guess the chalet name and some of the suggestions were hilarious. The name was revealed as 'The Bottle Bank' and was successfully guessed by Tracey plus David and Sallie. The food was delicious and the drink flowed. Of course the chalet is beautiful, well done both of you and thank you so much for letting us join you to celebrate.


Saturday evening Jack and Dee hosted an evening of silly games for us (are there any other sort at Invicta?) What a fun evening The Battle of the Sexes' was! It was mayhem and fun but very well organised and thought out. At times we were crying with laughter, heckling Jack and our opposing team. You only have to look at the blogs accompanying photographs to see what fun we had. The eventual winners were the boys but there must have been some serious cheating going on because we all know the better sex is the fairer sex. We are so lucky to have some great talented entertainers within our club to make perfectly silly, fun evenings like this now. We really appreciate the time and effort they put in so we can have a wonderful time at our club Invicta.




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