Fright Night Weekend

September 30, 2017

This weekend was our version of an early halloween fright night! Steve brought his projector and screen to show a horror film to scare everyone. Dave and Sue brought some fantastic halloween decorations and Saturday a few of us decorated the Pavillion. It looked amazing, everywhere you looked there was something to scare or amuse. The centre piece was a huge spider on the ceiling, please see the photographs if you were unable to join us as the Pavillion was totally transformed. 


Steve decided to show the film he had put together of the August Bank Holiday weekend before the main movie. The projector and screen were set up, most people were dressed up in scary outfits and we were ready to watch the first movie... but... there were a couple of late arrivals so we waited... and waited... and waited... Steve decided to hide behind a bush and jump out on them as they arrived at the Pavillion to 'teach them a lesson'. However, this didn't have the desired effect and they just looked at him like he was crazy (no change there then, not even dressed as a zombie with scary make up etc could Steve frighten them!). Eventually with the late arrivals seated we could start.


There were fits of giggles at Steve's commercials to begin with and we settled down to the August Bank Holiday movie. Steve really did well with the video and what a great way to remember the weekend. The movie lasted around 35 minutes and  every minute had a great memory to cherish and real belly laughs. Thank you Steve for working so hard on it for us.


After the first movie we had a 30 minute break so that popcorn could be made and refreshments and snacks could be purchased from Bonnie's 'Bare Essentials' snack tray. Also Bigtwin had made some jelly shots and a 'brain cake' available for a donation.


When everyone had settled down Steve began the movie 'The Conjuring'. I think a few people were a little bit apprehensive about watching a scary film judging by the amount of people hiding behind cushions. One person stood out as never having seen a scary movie before and her comments throughout the film such as "No! Don't go into the cellar! Just leave the house, get your family out of there!... Oh No! You STUPID man, why are you going back into the cellar again?!?" All said whilst terrified, hiding behind the biggest cushion she could find was absolutely hilarious.


Steve, Karl, Clyde and Dave had set up a couple of scary surprises to happen. They set up a metal tray with spoons to fall and make a loud bang at a scary point during the film, also a ghost flying across the Pavillion. Steve managed to frighten several people by creeping up behind them with the bellows and blowing cold air onto the back of their necks.


It was a lovely fun but scary evening and thank you to everyone who came and took part. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped, without you these events would not be as successful.


After most people had retired for the night Tracey decided to show off her singing skills again (prompted I suspect by seeing hers and Bianca's performance at karaoke on the August Bank Holiday movie). She got a little carried away and  managed to once again frighten all of the local children and livestock within a 5 mile radius. We do love you Tracey and we love your enthusiasm for entertaining us, it was hilarious.




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