August Bank Holiday Weekend

August 26, 2017

The August Bank holiday kicked off with a bang at Steve and Nicky's caravan The Music Box with music and karaoke. It was a fantastic way to start the weekend. Steve and Ricky set up lights, speakers and microphones, people arrived with their chairs etc and the evening commenced with Tracey and Bianca and their rendition of the Blonde classic 'Call me!' I would like to say their melodious voices resounded around the club but... ... However, it was a great opener and soon requests to sing were forthcoming and a brilliant evening was had by all. The girls requested that the guys sing 'YMCA' which was hilarious because Steve had most of the hats etc for the guys to wear. I will never forget the sight of Karl  in an Indian headress and Ricky in a leather peaked cap. The guys requested that the girls sing 'Girls just wanna have fun' which they sang with everything they had but I have to admit the guys just had the edge over the girls. The guys then volunteered to sing 'The Sound of Silence'. I suspect that by now the alcohol must have convinced the guys that they were more than proficient vocalists because they really gave it some, probably frightening the local children and livestock for miles around. Thank you Ricky, Steve and everyone who took part it was a fantstic evening and it had a real 'festival' feel about it... ... I almost forgot to mention that we may have had a visit by a rare bird overnight too, but sadly I think the club foxes may have caught it because when we awoke in the morning the lawn outside The Music Box was covered in bright red feathers?...


Saturday was our Medieval Night, what a great night! The medieval banquet was delicious with wonderful cuts of meat, Dave cooked mountains of perfect roast potatoes for us all and there were various accompanying dishes to complement them. We had gentle medieval music playing in the background as we ate. After the meal the games commenced, it was a hilarious night with jousting, shooting targets and silly games. The highlight of the evening was the game 'Damsel in Dis Dress'. Watching Karl and John being dressed up in large bloomers, bra's, wigs, hats lipstick and attempting to put on dresses was absolutely hysterical. I didn't envy their 'handmaidens' task one bit but it was funny to watch. A really big thank you to everyone who helped. Thank you Sally for providing the bra's, Bianca for making the bloomers and to those that helped us to set up. Also to those that dressed up and everyone who took part to make the evening a success. The winners were Tria FCUKS' with a score of 222 and the losers 'The Villeins' having a score of 169.


On Sunday I was taking a well earned rest on my sun lounger listening to the sounds of Invicta. People were playing boules, the miniten competition was in full swing. Sounds of people chatting and clapping with cheers of support filled the air, but above all of that it was the sound of laughter and friendship that made me smile and think how lucky we are to have found this place.


Unfortunately as I was taking a well deserved rest I was unable to watch all of the miniten competition but I hear there were some nail biting, closely fought games with the final being between Richard and Brandon versus Tracey and John. I know we all jokingly 'booed' Richard and Brandon when they took the trophy as winners but they did play well and deserved their win, congratulations.


Sunday evening we had our second hilarious Gala evening and Awards ceremony hosted by Dick and Pants. It was wonderful to see how totally unrehearsed they were but they managed to pull it together to make a great and funny awards ceremony.


The Blues Brothers music resounded around the Pavillion following the ceremony courtesy of our in house band Safety First  (Steve and Karl). Everyone danced the evening away, it was lovely to see the visiting members from Oakwood enjoying themselves and having fun too. It was very hot in The Pavillion and Steve and Karl worked very hard and played/sung a great set.


What a great weekend!




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