Ten Reds and Ping Pong Weekend

August 19, 2017

Early Friday evening we decided to light the newly rebuilt BBQ, however we could not find the fire lighters but Vance came to the rescue with his blow torch. It worked perfectly, who needs firelighters?


Friday evening the Ping-pong table was put to good use. David, Sallie, Brandon, Norma, Steve and Tracey enjoyed some hilarious games with spectators and participant's literally crying with laughter. The game became more serious when Richard and Brandon challenged Steve and Tracey to a doubles match. Richard and Brandon lost the first game and insisted on another after Richard complained that he needed his special bat because he couldn't play with a club bat. The spectators settled down expecting a wonderful match full of spectacular shots and superb game play. Richard's special bat didn't do the trick and again Richard and Brandon lost. Richard then decided to play pool to soften the blow of losing twice, however he broke the tip of his cue and lost again. We now have a new song dedicated to Richard sung in the tune for 'Three times a lady' which goes something like 'You're once, twice, three times a loser but we lo-o-ove you'. Go on admit it you sang that in your head didn't you? Please feel free to sing this song to him at every opportunity possible.


Steve was walking around the club on the telephone to his mother Saturday morning when he walked into the car park and saw Richard laying in a hammock in the back of his new van. Steve collapsed with laughter and then had to try to explain the sight of a fully gown man curled up in a hammock in the back of a van. Steve did wonder if Tracey had thrown him out for the night because he had been such a bad loser the previous evening.


20 people took part in 10 Reds Saturday evening, the atmosphere was great with lots of banter as usual. Bonnie was on form with a break of 9. Brandon was also on form and everyone thought he had it in the bag until Clyde on his last turn potted all 10 and then went on to score a total of 29 in all taking the trophy making him winner of 10 Red 13th May 2017.


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