Race Night Bank Holiday Weekend

May 27, 2017

The May Bank Holiday weekend was exceptionally hot and we even had a spectacular electrical storm in the early hours of Sunday morning but more of that later.


Saturday was the Invicta style 'Race  Night', Richard dusted off his wooden horses and set up the Pavillion for a great evening of racing fun. The winners were:

Race 1 - Ron
Race 2 - June
Race 3 - Steve
Race 4 - Madge

Race 5 - Winners Race June


The overall winner was June who won the winners race, well done June! Thank you Richard for hosting the event and to Tracey and Bianca for doing the tote with a total of £14 raised for the club..


Sunday was a very hot and humid day but it didn't stop lots of Ping-pong and Boules being played. I love the banter and giggles that go along with these games at Invicta.


Sunday evening was relaxed with laughter being heard throughout the club. As the sun went down and it became a little cooler some of us went into the Pavillion and played a 'story game' suggested by Bigtwin. One person started the story with a line and the next person had to continue and so on. As you can imagine it got a bit silly and we were all literally crying with laughter. I certainly have not laughed that much in a very long time. Thank you for suggesting it Bigtwin.


In the early hours of Sunday morning an electrical storm lit up the sky. We opened our curtains to watch it and spectacular doesn't seem to even begin to describe this storm. I read reports the following day that there was 500 strikes a minute. The thunder was so loud the caravan was actually moving with every clap. The whole sky lit up, it was like the biggest firework display ever and with it lasting for over an hour it was incredible to watch.




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