Its All About The Boules

June 25, 2017

The weather wasn't as warm as it has been in recent weeks but it didn't stop the fun this weekend. As usual the ping-pong table was put to good use, it is one of those games that is (at times) even more enjoyable to watch than to play.

No Saturday evening would be complete without hearing the laughter coming from that part of the club from the players and audience alike.


As the Boules tournament was being held on the Sunday Sally spent a lot of time painting around the edge, cutting back the brambles and stinging nettles. It looked so much better, and as Sally said it is safer as we can now clearly see the concrete edges to prevent stumbles (unless your name is Steve, I don't think any safety precautions can prevent him from gaining another injury). Thank you for working so hard Sally, it is much appreciated.


On the day of the tournament Trina and John drew the names at random out of the hat to decide who was playing who and who was partnering who. We started playing and on one of the first games Peter and June were playing against Steve and Nicky when Steve accidentally dropped a ball onto Peter's foot. Steve apologised and asked if he was ok, Peter assured him all was well and Steve joked he would have to try again. Peter laughed and not sure if it was a good idea to be standing so close to our accident prone Steve he walked away, unfortunately as he did he managed to stub a toe on the opposite foot. Steve's luck was obviously rubbing off on poor Peter.


Ron and Madge were handing out haribo sweets during the tournament and in the following round Flipper and Nicky seemed to up their game and contributed it to the sugar rush. It was in this game that they managed to score 5 in one round. It was thought that this score would be unlikely to b7e beaten until in the final match Peter and June managed to score a full house of 6.


The teams for the final were Peter and June against Ron and Madge. It was a very well played game with some lovely placed shots which saw Peter and June taking the 'quality 9ct plastic trophy' as the winners. Very well played Peter and June.


Thank you Ron and Madge for putting on this tournament for us we really enjoyed it, we mustn't forget to say thank you for the much needed sugar rush in the form of the haribo, for the winners Toblerone and runners up 'Belly Flop' sweets.


Members don't forget to take a look at the ts-hirt page for newly added pictures in the members only section, the competition is heating up!


We would also like to welcome new members Dave and Sue. This couple seemed to just slot in like they had always been there, it is a pleasure to welcome them to the club.




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